Technical Service

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Technical Service

Our Technical Service can be reached from the following contact information:
0 541 500 50 18 -

Arı Makina is serving to its customers with expert staff and experience in CNC technical service. We solve the service needs of your CNC machine tools by combining our spare parts and our experience in our stocks. We are the only company that provides 6 months workmanship and spare parts for the spare parts we use in all our CNC technical services.

Our equipment

Vibration Meter

It is used for spindle bearings and all controls related to vibration. It allows us to report the cause of the damage to the flashlight.

Laser Heat Meter

Measures the temperature of parts such as the spindle and the motor. Provides precise measurement of the cause of the heat generated locally.

BT-40 Test Bar

Axis stand and spindle are used to control the secretion. It is used as a gauge in the detection and resolution of faults.

BT-40 Atc Tuning Apparatus

Used to make the settings in the automatic tool change system.

Other Equipments

Comparator and electronic card failure measuring devices.
The use of all devices has been learned in our overseas training. These devices are used for the detection and resolution of faults in our world.

CNC Technical Service

• Change of spindle bearings.
• Grinding of spindle shaft cone.
• Axis bearing replacement.
• Repair and replacement of ball screw.
• Turceit-b (Turkayt) exchange and grinding of sledges in skid erosions.
• Replacement and repair of all skid lubrication equipment. (Slide lubrication pump, lubrication record and hoses)
• Hydraulic mirror repair and replacement.
• Turret malfunction repair and turret assembly replacement.
• Repair and replacement of the hydraulic system.
• Atc (automatic tool changing system) malfunctions and repairs.
• Periodic maintenance. * Authorized technical service and spare parts service are provided for your insurance against accident and insurance. With our test and measurement devices, we provide faulty expert service.
• Machine transportation, installation and training services are provided.
• We have a strong spare parts stock and service for all electrical and electronic failures.

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